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28 November 2011

Starting Thursday 1st December at 8.30pm on BBC ALBA

A new six part shinty series will grace our screens on BBC ALBA, as cameras gain exclusive access behind the scenes of the shinty community to introduce its dedicated characters and engaging personalities that invokes a determination to unite and succeed despite the odds.

The documentary series, ‘Caman: Shinty’, is narrated by Calum Macaulay and has been produced for BBC ALBA by mneTV. The six half hour programmes provide a fascinating insight into the captivating Scottish shinty network reflecting the passion and commitment embodied by those communities who play the sport throughout the country.

The main characters of the series include:

  • Niall McPhee, Camanachd Cup winning captain for Fort William and sports co-ordinator and girlfriend Judy Clark, an award winning fashion designer who trained with the late Alexander McQueen.
  • Duncan Rodger, captain of Fort William and his uncle, Ian ‘Sunshine’ Rodger, a former player, hailing from a long line of family members who played for the club. His son Michael plays for rivals Kilmallie.
  • David Macpherson, a key player for Inveraray and a fitness instructor at Strathclyde University.
  • Eddie Tembo, originally from Zambia, a key player with Glen Urquhart and the Scottish national side.
  • Lisa Norman, Scottish Women’s Internationalist and Sports Development Officer for Fife Council who successfully established a network of shinty teams in Aberdour.
  • Cousins Thomas and Ryan Borthwick who play for Kingussie - Thomas is in his final year of High School and Ryan is an apprentice in his father Stephen’s business. Stephen is a former Kingussie player and the current team coach.

Thomas Borthwick, Kingussie's (front) and Scott Cambell (Newtonmore) await a high ball during the Camanachd Cup Final – All images courtesy of Neil G Paterson Photography

Ryan Borthwick of Kingussie  – All images courtesy of Neil G Paterson Photography

Coming up in the series:

Programme 1 – Thursday 1 Dec

  • The first episode introduces the key characters and we hear from David Macpherson whose shinty career hit a major stumbling block last year when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he visited a doctor after sustaining an injury to the groin during a shinty match. Following his diagnosis, support from his family and the shinty community was pivotal. Also in the programme, Lisa Norman reflects on her involvement with the sport. Ten years ago shinty wasn’t played at any level in Fife, now, thanks to the dedication and commitment of Lisa, Aberdour has a larger squad than any other Scottish club. We also hear from shinty blogger Fraser MacKenzie who created ‘Keeping out of the D’ which has a cult following.

Programme 2 – Thursday 8 Dec

  • Key Scottish international and Glen Urquhart player Eddie Tembo is also having health problems and has turned to alternative medicine in the form of acupuncture to help relieve an ongoing problem in his spine and groin. This episode also features two passionate Kilmallie fans, mother and daughter Isobel and Linda Campbell, and their silver Caman winning son Ewen. The programme also reveals the team rivalries within the Rodger family which has a long traditional relationship with Fort William shinty club, and now thanks to son Michael, Kilmallie shinty club where he plays.

Eddie Tembo, originally from Zambia, a key player with Glen Urquhart and the Scottish national side – All images courtesy of Neil G Paterson Photography

Programme 3 – Thursday 15 Dec

  • Fort William’s Niall McPhee joins his award winning fashion designer girlfriend Judy Clark at her latest show whilst David Macpherson’s dad speaks candidly about his son’s illness. Also in the programme the Borthwick family of Kingussie face rivals Newtonmore in the first old firm game of the season. In Aberdour Lisa Norman is preparing for a community event to celebrate ten years of shinty including a match against Kyles. And we catch up with Glen Urquhart and Scotland manager Drew McNeil, who’s talking of the injury sustained by Eddie Tembo who damaged some nerve endings in his neck after falling awkwardly and losing partial movement in his right arm.

Programme 4 – Thursday 22 Dec

  • This week, Fort William are away to Kilmallie and Niall MacPhee is out for revenge. David MacPherson returns from illness and is keen to make up for lost time as Inveraray hope to win the first silverware of the season. We also learn more about the Rodger family and Eddie Tembo starts playing again following his injury. Lisa Norman finally has a day off and gets to play shinty and the Scottish Women’s Head Coach, Andy Mathie talks about his delight that women’s shinty is growing, attributing some of that success to Lisa’s dedication. Also in the programme is respected referee Jack Asher who officiated at shinty, despite having lost an eye in his youth.

Programme 5 – Wednesday 28 Dec

  • Inveraray’s David MacPherson speaks candidly about the role shinty played in helping him open up about his illness and chemotherapy and we hear from Fort William’s Niall McPhee who lives in Edinburgh and thus spends his weekends travelling all over the country to play shinty. Also in this episode Glen Urquhart’s Eddie Tembo reveals that whilst he considered returning to his native Zambia on the death of his mother he has decided to make Drumanadrochit his home. Whilst in Glasgow the Glasgow Mid-Argyll shinty club is thriving thanks to the youths coming up through the ranks in Milngavie and Bearsden. Manager George Hay believes it’s probably the healthiest state it’s been certainly since his involvement in shinty, with six potential teams in the Glasgow/Lanarkshire area that could feed into Mid Argyll.

Programme 6 – Thursday 5 Jan

  • In the final episode we visit Aberdeen University Shinty Club, the oldest in Scotland that’s celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and in honour, hosts the final of the prestigious Sutherland Cup. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond joined the celebrations and hailed the tradition of the competition and the dynamism of the sport: “I think it’s really important to keep up the game’s traditions the things that are part of the culture. Certainly it’s hammer and tong stuff, very exciting, a bit more exciting than football these days actually so I think they better watch out in football.” We also hear from a group of Americans from the US Camanachd who arrive for the Camanachd Cup final which the Borthwick family are preparing to play in against rivals Newtonmore - winning the Camanachd is the ultimate goal in shinty! Lisa Norman looks back on her achievements with Aberdour and David MacPherson runs a marathon to raise funds for Friends of the Beatson Charity.

Caman: Shinty is a six part series, produced by mneTV for BBC ALBA and commences on Thursday 1st December at 8.30pm and each consecutive week thereafter.

28 Samhain 2011


A’ tòiseachadh Diardaoin 1 Dùbhlachd aig 8.30f air BBC ALBA

Caman ri Caman. ‘S e togail cridhe a th’ ann a bheir spionnadh don choimhearsnachd. Làn Spioraid is dìoghrais a bheir sluagh cruinn còmhla. Caman, chan e spors a-mhàin a th’ ann...

Anns a’ chiad phrògram, tha Caman a’ toirt nan daoine agus nan teaghlaichean, a bhios rim faicinn tron sreath seo de shia prògraman, gu ar n-aire. Gheibh sinn blas agus sùil nas doimhne air na caractaran le sealladh air cùisean far na pàirce agus air a’ phàirc a’ dearbhadh an spioraid choimhearsnachd a tha toirt togail is misneachd a dh’aindeoin gach cnap-starra.

Am measg nam prìomh charactaran san t-sreath seo tha:

  • Niall Mac a’ Phì - a bha na sgiobair nuair a bhuannaich a’ Ghearasdan Cupa na Camanachd ann an 2010. Tha Niall ag obair mar cho-òrdanaiche spòrs agus bidh e a’ sgrùdadh raointean-cluiche do chompanaidh a tha stèidhichte ann am Baile Dhùn Lèibhe. Tha Judy, a leannan na dealbhaiche-fasain a tha air duaisean a bhuannachadh agus thrèan i cuide ri Alexander McQueen nach maireann.
  • Daibhidh Mac a’ Phearsain - cluicheadair cudromach do dh’Inbhir Aora agus tha e na neach-trèanaidh fallainneachd aig Oilthigh Shrath Chluaidh.
  • Eddie Tembo - ’s ann à Zambia a tha Eddie bho thùs agus tha e am measg nam prìomh chluicheadairean aig sgiobaidhean Ghlinn Urchadain agus Alba.

    Eddie Tembo, originally from Zambia, a key player with Glen Urquhart and the Scottish national side – All images courtesy of Neil G Paterson Photography

  • Lisa Norman - oifigear leasachaidh spòrs do Chòmhairle Fìobha a tha air iomain a thòiseachadh as ùr ann an Obair Dobhair.
  • Co-oghaichean Ryan agus Tòmas Borthwick – tha iad a’ cluich airson sgioba Chinn a’ Ghiùthsaich. Tha Tòmas air a’ bhliadhna mu dheireadh san àrd-sgoil agus tha Ryan ag obair dha athair Steaphan. B’ àbhaist Steaphan a bhith a’ cluich airson Ceann a’ Ghiùthsaich ach tha e a-nis na choidse air a’ phìomh sgioba.

    Thomas Borthwick, Kingussie's (front) and Scott Cambell (Newtonmore) await a high ball during the Camanachd Cup Final – All images courtesy of Neil G Paterson Photography

    Ryan Borthwick of Kingussie  – All images courtesy of Neil G Paterson Photography

  • Donnchadh Rodger - sgiobair airson sgioba a’ Ghearasdain agus is fìor thoil leis iomain. Tha an uncail aige, Iain “Sunshine” Rodger na sheann chluicheadair agus tha e a’ tighinn bho ghinealach a tha air a bhith gu mòr an-sàs leis a’ chluba. Tha a mhac Mìcheal Rodger ge tà, a’ cluich airson Cille Mhàilidh, na nàimhdean ionadail.

Tha Calum MacAmhlaidh ag aithris Caman, sreath de shia phrògraman a th’ air an riochdachadh le mneTV airson BBC ALBA. (Airson barrachd fiosrachaidh, theirig gu www.mnetv.tv). Le cothrom sònraichte tha na sia prògraman seo a’ leantainn dhaoine mhisneachail, thlachdmhòr bho choimhearsnachd an iomain ’s a’ sealltainn cho dìoghrasach is daingeann ’s a tha na daoine a tha a’ cluich do na sgiobaidhean aca anns gach ceàrnaidh de dh’Alba.

Thèid na prògraman a chraoladh gach seachdain air BBC ALBA bhon 1 Dùbhlachd 2011 aig 8.30f.

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