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9 September 2014


Bannan - Debbie MacKay, Chris Young  & Dol Eoin MacKinnon

BBC ALBA has unveiled its autumn package of programmes at a launch event held today (Tuesday 9 September) in Glasgow.

Documentaries, music, sport, World War I recollections, children’s programmes and comedy from some of Scotland’s finest production companies all featured in the new schedule announced at the Royal Concert Hall in the city.

Michael Hines and Sanjeev Kohli - two of the figures behind new BBC ALBA comedy Gaol@Gael - took time out of final preparations for the Still Game stage show to speak at the launch.

Following on from the award winning Dà Là san Dàmhair / Two Days in October, Gaol@Gael is a three part comedy starring acclaimed singer and actress Kathleen MacInnes as 'Muriel Scott' who sets up a dating website for Gaels.

Sanjeev – best known for his role as the nation’s favourite shopkeeper, Navid, in Still Game – plays Dr Sandeep, a locum doctor who has moved to Harris but has a lifelong principle not to date patients, which is a slight issue as all the women on the island want to see him in his surgery. We get to know Dr Sandeep and his various quirks, which include wearing a fake wedding ring to deter particularly keen admirers. He also doesn't like the outdoors and countryside, which means Harris may not be his ideal location.

Sanjeev Kohli

For the first time, original drama commissioned exclusively for BBC ALBA featured in the autumn schedule with Bannan set to air later this month.

Bannan producer Chris Young, recognised for his work on the hit comedy series The Inbetweeners, spoke about the first three episodes to be screened this autumn and his future plans for the programme with filming underway once again of the Isle of Skye.

Chris was joined by Donald Shaw, the renowned musician and one of the founding members of the group Capercaillie, and he discussed his work creating the perfect soundtrack for Bannan in his role as musical director for the drama. Debbie Mackay, who plays lead character Mairi Macdonald, was also in attendance alongside one of her co-stars, Dòl Eoin Mackinnon.

Documentaries are also once again at the core of the autumn schedule, with Cobhair Chloinne, a programme profiling the doctors and nursing staff of the Scottish Paediatric Retrieval Service, highlighted at today’s event. Dr Mark Davidson, one of the doctors that helps to transport sick children from all over Scotland to specialist care in Glasgow or Edinburgh, spoke at the event alongside Emma Olver, who is part of the production team behind the series.

Some highlights from BBC ALBA’s new autumn schedule include:


  • Vets: Gach Creutair Beò - a journey following some of Scotland’s vets as they go about their work tending to a wide range of animals from small to large, the tame to the very wild. Stories of joy and stories of sadness as we meet all creatures great and small.
  • John Hartson: Against the Odds – A profile of John Hartson. In a frank interview that acts as the spine of the programme John recalls the highs and lows of his career and of his battle with cancer.
  • Trusadh - BBC ALBA’s flagship documentary series, Trusadh, is back with a fresh and diverse range of programming. The new series launches with Aiseag (The Ferryboat) which charts the creative, musical journey of a major new commission for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, led by Mary Ann Kennedy.
  • Cobhair Chloinne - profiling the work of the dedicated doctors and nursing staff of the Scottish Paediatric Retrieval Service operating out of Edinburgh and Glasgow with cameras following their work for the first time. The Paediatric Retrieval Service are at the heart of the NHS bringing sick children from all over Scotland to specialist care in Glasgow or Edinburgh. We see them retrieve children from Inverness, Mull, Dundee, Shetland and closer to home and witness the joy of recovery and the heartbreak of the death of a child.

Small Hands in a Big War


  • Small Hands in a Big War - The history of the Great War from the perspective of children and young people. Their diaries and letters from WWI tell the story of a global catastrophe in authentic and moving voices. A mix of drama and archive, the series sets the small truths of living through the war against the global backdrop. The series is narrated by Angus Peter Campbell with a mix of European languages to be heard via the dramas including French, Italian, German, Russian and Gaelic.
  • Gillean Grinn - A little over 100 years after the death of a Scottish soldier, Na Gillean Grinn explores the effects that WW1 had on a Hebridean community. Na Gillean Grinn examines how Hebridean communities suffered intangible - and less obvious - ways for decades afterwards. Beyond the collective grief for 149 of the island's menfolk, there was the 'hidden' effect of the return of surviving servicemen who were broken, both physically and mentally. Simon MacQuarrie's story is the catalyst for how war affected and shaped North Uist and serves as our access point to a wider story. Analysis of the long shadow cast by WW1 is provided by members of the North Uist community with contributions from notable war historians Sir Hew Strachan, Dominiek Dendhooven and Trevor Royle.
  • HMS Timbertown - After the fall of Antwerp in October 1914, 1,500 men from Winston Churchill’s newly formed Royal Naval Division crossed the border into the neutral Netherlands to evade capture from the German Army. 102 of these men came from the Isle of Lewis. These men were interned in a camp in the Netherlands for the duration of the war. Tying the story together for the first time, Angela MacLean retraces the incredible journey the men took through Antwerp, to the border crossing with the Netherlands and finally to the town of Groningen where the local authorities built wooden huts to house the men in a camp which became known as HMS Timbertown.
  • A Great Adventure - 100 years ago, as the First World War took hold, a group of ordinary Scottish women were preparing for an extraordinary journey. These were the ladies of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals, pioneering female medics and volunteers on a mission to help an Ally in ‘Dire Need’, 2,000 miles away in Serbia in Eastern Europe. It started as a ‘Great Adventure’. It would end up closer to a horror story. The organisation was the idea of Dr Elsie Inglis, one of Scotland’s first female surgeons and a prominent suffragette. A Great Adventure is Elsie’s story, and also the collective story of these remarkable women. It’s a story lost in time but the influence of the SWH on the lives of women there-after was greater than most realise.
  • Cairdeas Cogaidh - Donald Meek follows in the footsteps of his great-uncle John Macdonald from Tiree, who was killed at the Battle of Arras in France during WW1. John’s story has haunted Donald all his life and in this programme we see how his letters and diary entries from the Front take Donald on a poignant and personal journey to France, for the first time, to the place where John fell. Amongst John’s letters was also one from his officer, Capt John ‘Jock’ Livingstone Stewart. He survived the war and Donald follows in his fascinating footsteps, first to Ghana where he became a renowned vet in the British colonial service and an advocate for education, and then to South Africa where he spent his final years pursuing his interest in education and his hobby of fishing.


  • Bannan - BBC ALBA’s first drama series tells the story of Màiri MacDonald’s return home to the island which she deserted eight years ago, leaving her family and the place, its claustrophobia and its customs. She initially returns for the funeral of a family friend but the emotional ties (‘bannan’) see her remain on the island.



  • Gaol@Gael - A brand new comedy series from The Woven Thread, 'Gaol@Gael' is a three part comedy starring acclaimed singer and actress Kathleen MacInnes as 'Muriel Scott' as she sets up a dating website for Gaels. Gaol@ Gael follows Muriel as she travels across the Highlands and Islands trying to matchmake for the lonely, the broken hearted and the downright weird.

Gaol @ Gael Savjeev


  • • Live sport continues to be a popular strand on the channel and this autumn viewers will be treated to live action from the SPFL Championship and extended highlights from the SPFL Premiership; live coverage of selected Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby matches from this year’s Guinness PRO12 competition; exclusive live action from the Petrofac Training Challenge Cup; live action from Scotland’s 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers; live international shinty/hurling when Scotland take on Ireland.


  • Horo Gheallaidh - Special, intimate performances from Celtic Connections including Lunasa, Gria, Cherish the Ladies, Mahotella Queens and Elephant Revival. A unique opportunity to watch world-class artists up close, performing stripped down versions of their songs live on our sofa in a way you won’t have seen them before.


  • De a-nis? - More fun and games with the De a-Nis crew Megan and Derek.
  • Seoc - Seoc, a small blue alien befriends three earthlings and together they find out more about the world. Blending adventure and science they learn together.

Margaret Mary Murray, Head of Service for BBC ALBA, said: “Our autumn season presents a range of programmes from emotional documentaries to light-hearted entertainment, engaging children’s series to the best of Scottish sport and we are delighted to be launching the package for BBC ALBA viewers today.

“The screening of Bannan starting later this month will be another milestone for the channel, marking the first commissioned drama on BBC ALBA since our launch six years ago. Bannan has been warmly received by those who have seen it so far and we hope the audience will enjoy the initial three episodes with more to come next year.

“Bannan can be seen as another example of the exceptional work being carried out across Scotland’s creative and media sectors and we are proud that BBC ALBA continues to make a positive contribution to Scottish broadcasting, with 22 independent production companies plus both main broadcasters, STV and the BBC, providing programme content. We continue to work hard, however, to ensure that we build this momentum and use our resources for the maximum enjoyment of audiences across Scotland and beyond.”

BBC ALBA is delivered through the partnership set up between the BBC and MG ALBA, the Gaelic Media Service, a unique broadcasting partnership providing a successful public service.

9 Sultain 2014


Bannan - Debbie MacKay, Chris Young  & Dol Eoin MacKinnon

Dh’fhoillsich BBC ALBA clàr ùr de phrògraman an-diugh (Dimàirt 9 Sultain) aig tachartas ann an Glaschu.

Bha prògraman aithris, ciùil, spòrs, cogaidh, cloinne agus comadaidh bho chuid de na companaidhean riochdachaidh as fheàrr ann an Alba am measg na chaidh fhoillseachadh sa chlàr ùr aig talla Rìoghail Ghlaschu.

Am measg na bha an làthair bha an stiùiriche Michael Hines agus an cleasaiche Sanjeev Kohli – dithis bho chomadaidh ùr BBC ALBA Gaol@Gael.

A’ leantainn air soirbheas Dà Là san Dàmhair, ’s e comadaidh trì-pàirt a th’ ann an Gaol@Gael, leis an t-seinneadair agus an cleasaiche Kathleen NicAonghais a’ cluich ‘Muriel Scott', a tha a’ cruthachadh làrach-lìn suirghe dha Gàidheil.

Tha sinn uile eòlach air Sanjeev mar Navid ann an Still Game. Ach ann an Gaol@Gael, ’s e dotair a th’ ann air a bheil clann-nighean na Hearadh gu math dèidheil!

Sanjeev Kohli

Airson a’ chiad uair, bha dràma a chaidh a choimiseanadh airson BBC ALBA a-mhàin aig cridhe nam prògraman agus chì luchd-amhairc Bannan nas fhaide air adhart air a’ mhìos.

Thug riochdaire Bannan, Chris Young, air a bheil mòran eòlach airson obair air na Inbetweeners, iomradh air a’ chiad trì prògraman a thèid an craoladh as t-foghar, le sùil cuideachd air na planaichean airson tuilleadh san àm ri teachd, le filmeadh a’ dol air adhart san Eilean Sgitheanach.

Chualas cuideachd bho Dhòmhnall Seathach, an neach-ciùil ainmeil bhon chòmhlan Capercaillie, agus e ag innse mun obair aige na stiùiriche-ciùil air Bannan agus a bhith a’ cruthachadh ceòl-taic àlainn na sreatha. Bha Debbie NicAoidh agus Dòl Eòin MacFhionghuin, dithis de na prìomh charactaran san dràma, cuideachd an làthair.

Tha prògraman aithris a-rithist aig cridhe clàr an fhoghair. An làthair aig an fhoillseachadh bha an Dr Mark Davidson bhon phrògram Cobhair Chloinne. Tha an t-sreath ag innse mun t-seirbheis sònraichte Gairm Chloinne a bhios ag obair latha ’s a dh’oidhche. ’S iad sgioba de dhotairean agus luchd-altraim deiseil airson cùram-lèigh a thoirt do chloinn ge bith càite a bheil iad ann an Alba. Cuide ris bha Emma Olver bhon chompanaidh riochdachaidh, Bees Nees.

Tron Fhoghar air BBC ALBA chithear:


  • Cobhair Chloinne – a’ leantainn sgioba aig cridhe Seirbheis na Slàinte ann an Alba, a bheir taic do theaghlaichean nuair a tha iad an cruaidh-chàs agus an cuid-chloinne tinn agus feumach air cùram sònraichte.
  • Vets: Gach Creutair Beò - a’ coinneachadh lighichean-sprèidh bho air feadh Alba ’s iad ri frithealadh iomadach seòrsa beathach beag is mòr, biodh iad nam peataichean no nam fiadh-bheathaichean. Bidh sgeulachdan làn togail is toileachas an cois feadhainn a bheir deòir chun nan sùilean agus sinn a’ coinneachadh ri gach creutair beò.
  • John Hartson: Against the Odds – Ann an agallamh a tha gu math fosgailte, tha John Hartson a’ toirt sùil air ais air a bheatha mar cluicheadair ball-coise agus ag innse mun t-strì a th’ air a bhith aige an aghaidh aillse.
  • Trusadh - Thèid prìomh sreath aithriseach BBC ALBA a chur air bhog le Trusadh: Aiseag. A’ leantainn turas ciùil cruthachail ag amas air Geamaichean a' Cho-fhlaitheis 2014. Air an t-slighe tha cuirm bogaidh air stùcan àlainn àrainn Sabhal Mòr Ostaig san Eilean Sgitheanach le sealladh tarsainn air Linne Shlèite, agus cuirmean eile an uair sin ann an Lunnainn, Inbhir Nis agus Glaschu.

Small Hands in a Big War


  • Clann a’ Chogaidh Mhòir - sreath de phrògraman mun Chiad Chogadh tro shùilean clann a bha beò aig an àm. Aig fìor thoiseach a’ chogaidh bha am balach òg Frangach Thierry Gilbert, làn gràdh-dùthcha agus air bhioran gus faighinn a dh’ionnsaigh a’ chogaidh. An aghaidh toil a phàrantan, dh’innis e breug mu aois, is dh’fhalbh e gu aghaidh a’ bhlàir. Chuir na chunnaic e uabhas air, is dh’atharraich a bheachdan gu tur.
  • Gillean Grinn - 100 bliadhna às dèidh bàs saighdear Albannach, tha Na Gillean Grinn a’ cur a’ phrosbaig air a’ bhuaidh a bha aig A’ Chiad Chogadh air coimhearsnachdan Innse Gall agus na diofar dòighean anns an do dh’fhuiling iad fad bliadhnaichean às dèidh sin.
  • HMS Timbertown - Ann an 1914, chaidh 1500 seòladair à Cabhlach nan Sheòladairean Cùl-earalais tarsainn crìoch na h-Òlaind, an dèidh do dh’Antwerp tuiteam. Bha 102 dhiubh à Eilean Leòdhais. Tha Angela NicGilleathain ag innse sgeulachd campa HMS Timbertown.
  • Caileagan a’ Chogaidh Mhòir - bho chionn ceud bliadhna, nuair a thòisich a’ Chiad Chogadh Mhòr, bha buidheann de mnathan Albannach ag ullachadh airson turas iongantach. B’ iad mnathan nan ospadalan Albannach, luchd-meidigeach boireann a bha ag amas air caraid a bha ann an cruaidh èiginn a chuideachadh, dà mhìle mìle air falbh ann an Serbia ann an taobh sear na Roinn-Eòrpa. Thòisich e mar dhàn-thuras sònraichte. Ach, b’ ann gu math eagalach a bhiodh deireadh na sgeòil. ’S e an Dotair Elsie Inglis - aon den chiad lannsairean ann an Alba agus a bha na suffragette ainmeil - a smaoinich air a’ bhuidheann a thòiseachadh. Seo agad sgeulachd Elsie agus sgeulachd nam mnathan sònraichte seo uile.
  • Càirdeas Cogaidh - Dòmhnall Meek an tòir air Iain Dòmhnallach, bràthair a sheanmhar, saighdear à Tiriodh, a chaidh a mharbhadh aig Blàr Arras san Fhraing sa Chiad Chogadh. Tha stòiridh Iain air leantainn ri Dòmhnall fad a bheatha agus anns a’ phrògram seo chì sinn mar a tha litrichean agus an leabhar-là a bhuineadh do dh’Iain ga thoirt air turas drùidhteach dhan Fhraing airson a’ chiad uair. Ach a bharrachd air an sin chì sinn mar a tha aon litir shònraichte bho oifigear Iain ga chuir an tòir air Iain eile, an Caiptean Iain Livingstone Stiùbhart, turas a tha dha thoirt gu Gàna agus Afraga a Deas.


  • Bannan - dràma ùr air BBC ALBA. Sgeul Mhàiri NicDhòmhnaill – tè òg a tha a’ tilleadh gu eilean a h-àraich an dèidh ochd bliadhna sa bhaile mhòr. Bha Màiri 18 nuair a dh’fhàg i; aig an àm bha i airson astar a chur eadar i fhèin agus an t-àite, a teaghlach agus an cuid dòighean, a bha air a sàrachadh. 'S e tìodhlacadh a tha ga tàladh air ais ach tha e na rùn tilleadh dhan bhaile mhòr cho luath ’s a bhios e seachad. Ach tha Màiri air dìochuimhneachadh nam 'bannan' – na nithean a bha ga ceangail ris an àite o thùs.



  • Gaol@Gael - Aonranach? Gun-chèile? Le Gàidhlig? Mas e gaol a tha thu a’ sireadh, ’s i Muriel Scott an tè a lorgas dhut e. Tha Muriel air gnìomhachas ùr a stèidheachadh ’s i a’ leantainn air eisimpleir a Sinn-sinn-sinn-seanmhair ann a bhith a’ toirt chàraidean còmhla. Saoil dè mar a thèid dhi?

Gaol @ Gael Savjeev


  • • Tha gu leòr spòrs ann airson luchd-amhairc le ball-coise beò bhon SPFL agus criomagan bhon SPFL Premiership; prògraman beò bho chuid de na geamannan le Glasgow Warriors agus Dùn Èideann ann an co-fharpais Guinness PRO12; geamannan beò a-mhàin air BBC ALBA bho Chupa Dùbhlan Trèanaidh Petrofac; geamannan beò bho ball-coise nam Ban ann an 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers agus camanachd beò le Alba a’ dol an aghaidh Èireann.


  • Hòro Gheallaidh - taghadh den luchd-ciùil as tàlantach bho fhèis Celtic Connections a' nochdadh gus ceòl a thoirt thugainn aig seiseanan ciùil Hòro Gheallaidh ann an Glaschu, air a lìbhrigeadh le Sarah Cruickshank.


  • Dè a-nis? - Tha Megan, Derek agus an sgioba air ais le spòrs agus fealla-dhà.
  • Seoc - beathach beag gorm agus na trì càirdean aige. Còmhla tha iad ag ionnsachadh mun t-saoghal mhòr. Tha iad ag ionnsachadh còmhla tro mheasgachadh de shaidheans agus turais.

Thuirt Mairead Màiri Mhoireach, Ceannard Seirbheis BBC ALBA: “Tha clàr foghair BBC ALBA a’ toirt measgachadh de phrògraman don luchd-amhairc - bho phrògraman aithris làn faireachdainn gu dhibhearsain aotrom, prògraman tarraingeach do chloinn agus an spòrs as fheàrr an Alba. Tha sinn cho toilichte a bhith a’ toirt na tha seo gu ar luchd-amhairc.

“Tha sinn air clach-mhìle air leth a ruighinn, le Bannan a’ tòiseachadh air a’ mhìos seo. A’ chiad dràma a chaidh a choimeasanadh a-mhàin airson BBC ALBA bho thòisich an t-seanail bho chionn sia bliadhna, agus tha sinn glè dhòchasach gun còrd na trì prògraman ris an luchd-amhairc, le tuilleadh ri thighinn an ath-bhliadhna.

“Tha Bannan na eisimpleir eile den obair air leth a tha a’ tighinn a-mach às an roinn chruthachail agus às na meadhanan ann an Alba. Tha sinn cho moiteil gu bheil BBC ALBA a’ leantainn le bhith a’ cur ri craoladh ann an Alba, le 22 companaidhean riochdachaidh, cuide ris an dà phrìomh craoladair, STV agus am BBC, a’ cruthachadh phrògraman. A dh’aindeoin an t-soirbheas seo, tha sinn fhathast ag obair gu cruaidh gus ar goireasan a chur chun fheum as fheàrr airson ar luchd-amhairc air feadh Alba agus nas fharsaing.”

Tha BBC ALBA air a lìbhrigeadh tro cho-bhanntachd eadar am BBC agus MG ALBA, a’ chiad cho-bhanntachd craolaidh dha leithid, gus seirbheis phoblach shoirbheachail a thoirt seachad.

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