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17 February 2014


Da La san Damhair

MG ALBA has welcomed shortlist nominations for a number of BBC ALBA programmes as well as other Scottish media productions at this year’s Celtic Media Festival.

The festival, which will shortly celebrate its 35th year, will be held in St Ives between April 2nd and 4th, having been held in the Cornish seaside town once before in 1997.

Celtic media delegates and representatives will gather to celebrate the creative talent, languages and cultures of the shortlisted productions across 20 award categories.

The BBC ALBA nominations are:


  • Da la san Damhair/Two days in October – A comedy documentary that follows the stories of six characters as they all prepare for The Mod. From Torcuil, the Gaelic learner who according to him, speaks Gaelic more fluently than the natives, to Floraidh and Lenny, the childless couple running a B&B with each having their own agenda; from Ishi the ‘It’ Girl of Stornoway to WD, the roaming poet with a line for every moment, to Neilleagan the judge with very very high standards to keep. (And a dram), Da La tells us their stories over the two days leading up to the National Cultural Festival of the Gaels.
    - Produced by Michael Hines of The Woven Thread
  • Rapal TBH / RAPAL TV – The only TV series in Scotland dedicated to showcasing the hottest bands and artists emerging from the Scottish music scene. The acts perform original material with behind the scenes chats to capture a sense of what the band or artist is about. RAPAL TBH is a studio based music series hosted by Emma MacInnes and Vic Galloway in both Gaelic and English.
    - Produced by Donna Murchison of BBC Gàidhlig

Factual Single:

  • An Drochaid / The Bridge Rising – The Bridge Rising tells the story of the Skye Bridge tolls, Scotland’s first PFI scheme. In the words of the protagonists themselves, from protesters to politicians, police to prosecutor, journalist to engineer – this film unpacks the twists and turns of the 10-year battle against the tolls.
    - Produced by Louise Scott of media co-op
  • Please Mister, Sgeulachd Tony Miller – On 22nd December 1960, Anthony Miller was hanged in Barlinnie Prison, Scotland. Convicted of murder, he was the last man executed in Glasgow. He was just 19. As Elvis topped the charts and the Sixties brought freedoms for youngsters that their parents had never known, a teenager was put to death by the state. "Please, Mister" looks at the harrowing incidents that led to Miller's execution, and reflects on the history of capital punishment in Britain.
    - Produced by Patsi Mackenzie of Sorbier Productions Ltd

Current Affairs

  • Gun Dachaigh / Homeless – A powerful documentary recording the stories of the dispossessed, the people living on the streets, sleeping on friends sofas, or housed in temporary accommodation, in Scotland today.
  • - Produced by Terry Wolsey of Eyeline Media

MG ALBA also has a nomination in the Best App category:

  • LearnGaelic / Buntús Cainte– 32 Points Ltd and MG ALBA collaborated to create the world’s first tablet apps for learning Irish and Gàidhlig, creating an app for learners of these minority languages that is as beautiful, effective and rich as any app produced for major world languages like Spanish or English. Teaming up with actors, an award-winning illustrator, instructional designers and language learning geeks, an engaging language learning app with 60 lessons, more than 1,000 bespoke illustrations, 1,800 native speaker audio files and 1,800 test questions and learning games was created.

Also receiving nominations is BBC Radio nan Gàidheal in the ‘Radio Station of the Year’ category, Fir-Chlis Fergie in the ‘Radio Sports’ award, Rapal in the ‘Music Programme’ category and Guth A Mhaighstir in the ‘Radio Documentary’ category.

Donald Campbell, Chief Executive of MG ALBA, said: “We are delighted that this year’s Celtic Media Festival has once again shortlisted so many BBC ALBA programmes. The channel offers a rich blend of content for its viewers across many genres and it’s great to see recognition for BBC ALBA across a number of award categories.

“We are also delighted with the nomination for LearnGaelic in the Best App category, an application that we have worked very hard on in order to create the best possible resource for anyone wishing to learn or improve their skills in the wonderful Gaelic language.

“Together, the nominations demonstrate the continuing success and value that Gaelic platforms can achieve within the wider media landscape.

“BBC ALBA’s programming continues to attract both Gaelic and non-Gaelic audiences and the channel prides itself in commissioning high quality programmes from production companies across Scotland. We would like to offer our congratulations to all those who have been shortlisted as we hopefully look forward to success at the festival in St Ives.”

For more information about the Celtic Media Festival, visit www.celticmediafestival.co.uk.

17 Gearran 2014


Da La san Damhair

Chuir MG ALBA fàilte air an naidheachd gu bheil prògraman BBC ALBA, a thuilleadh air prògraman eile à Alba, air an ainmeachadh air geàrr-liosta nan duaisean aig Fèis nam Meadhanan Ceilteach 2014.

Thèid an Fhèis a chumail ann an St. Ives bho 2-4 Giblean, far am bi craoladairean a’ tighinn còmhla a’ comharrachadh iomadachd is càileachd na h-obrach a tha air a riochdachadh leis na dùthchannan Ceilteach.

Gheibhear a gheàrr-liosta an seo

Tha MG ALBA cuideachd a’ cur meal-a-naidheachd air BBC Radio nan Gàidheal a tha, a-thuilleadh air a bhith air an ainmeachadh airson duais Stèisean Radio na Bliadhna, air an ainmeachadh le Fir-Chlis Fergie sa ghnè airson Spòrs Radio, Rapal sa ghnè airson Prògraman Ciùil agus airson Guth a Mhaighstir sa ghnè Prògram Aithris Radio.

Thuirt Dòmhnall Caimbeul, Àrd-Oifigear MG ALBA: “Tha sinn air leth toilichte gu bheil uiread de phrògraman BBC ALBA air a’ gheàrr-liosta. Tha an t-seanail a’ tairgse raoin fharsaing de phrògraman airson an luchd-amhairc air feadh iomadh ghnè agus tha e taitneach dha-rìribh ar prògraman fhaicinn air a’ gheàrr-liosta.

Tha sinn cuideachd toilichte gu bheil LearnGaelic air ainmeachadh airson duais airson an App as Fheàrr. Chaidh tòrr obair a dhèanamh air a’ ghoireas seo – a tha airson duine sam bith a tha airson an cuid Gàidhlig ionnsachadh no a leasachadh.

Tha na prògraman a chaidh an ainmeachadh nan teisteanas air cho soirbheachail ’s a tha stuthan Gàidhlig, an dà chuid am measg sluagh na Gàidhlig ach cuideachd gu bheil iad a’ còrdadh ri daoine nas fharsaing.

Tha prògraman BBC ALBA fhathast a’ tàladh luchd-labhairt na Gàidhlig agus feadhainn aig nach eil Gàidhlig air feadh Alba agus tha farsaingeachd agus beairteas nam prògraman a' còrdadh riutha. Tha sinn moiteil a bhith a’ cur taic ris a’ ghnìomhachas craolaidh Ghàidhlig air feadh Alba agus a’ coimiseanadh sàr-phrògraman bho na companaidhean neo-eisimeileach. Tha sinn a’ cur meal-a-naidheachd orrasan a chaidh an ainmeachadh agus tha sinn a’ coimhead air adhart ri cùisean ann an St. Ives.”

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