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18 December 2019

Fabulous entertainment, comedy, music and documentaries unwrapped by BBC ALBA

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr bho BBC ALBA

BBC ALBA has announced its Christmas and New Year schedule, offering a fantastic line-up of programmes from home and around the globe.

The Kitchen Coves are back to take on a Christmas Feast challenge in Seòid a’ Christmas. Roddy Angus and Uisdean cook all the things you’d want from a classic Christmas dinner, but with their own Highland twist on some of the courses – especially the Yule Log!

Iain MacKinnon presents a special Christmas celebration of carols and readings with Alleluia na Nollaige, with performances from Alasdair Whyte, Mischa MacPherson and the specially formed choral group Caireall.

Choirs galore feature in Eurovision Choir Gothenburg 2019 which charts the story of the Alba Choir who made their debut at the Eurovision Choir competition this year in Gothenburg.

Cathy McDonald reveals the forces that shaped the very different lives of two sons of the Hebrides in a compelling historical documentary Macleod MP/Maclean KGB. This tells the story of a Soviet Spy Donald MacLean and Tory Cabinet Minister Iain Macleod. Born in 1913, they both went to Cambridge University and in their own ways tried to change the world.

A fascinating mini-series of three programmes Sgoil nan Sagart/Priest School follows Ronald Campbell from Benbecula who becomes the first Catholic priest to be ordained there. Solus productions gained unprecedented access to the Vatican City, St Peter’s Basilica and the Apostolic Palace.

The award-winning, young humanitarian Gemma Steele makes a very special trip to her second home Kenya, in Am Pòsadh Afraganach/The African Wedding. On this visit she is accompanied by family and friends and her husband Shaun as they celebrate their marriage with her ‘other family’ at St Jerome’s orphanage.

BBC ALBA meets three Scottish dancers in Paris at the Moulin Rouge as the world-famous cabaret celebrates its 130th birthday. Moulin Rouge Écosse is a colourful and lively documentary about these young Scots who are living their dancing dream. Feathers, sequins, glitz and glamour presented by Cathy Bhàn - this show has it all.

Curaidh na Coille/Birdman of Pollok pays tribute to the remarkable life and achievements of the environmental campaigner Colin MacLeod. This programme follows his protest in the early 90s when he spent nine days up a tree in Pollok Country Estate to protect land that was going to be bulldozed to make way for an extension of the M77 motorway.

A heart-warming family documentary Sgeulachd Syd Agus Millie/Two Go to Tolsta tells the story of brother and sister Millie and Syd’s story. As young children in 1949 they ran away from their home in Hertfordshire and travelled over two days by train, bus and boat to the Outer Hebrides, with no money and no adult supervision to arrive at their granny’s house in the village of North Tolsta without having been stopped or challenged once. Their story hit the headlines at the time and now 70 years on Millie and Syd reminisce about their experience.

The hugely popular and award-winning sketch show FUNC returns for a special Hogmanay edition, starring some very special guest stars and a mix of the surreal, satirical and downright silly.

And it’s all back to ours for BBC ALBA’s fabulous Hogmanay Ceilidh live from Motherwell Concert Hall, hosted by Cathy Macdonald and Niall Iain Macdonald. With Peat & Diesel, Mànran, Alba Choir, Margaret Stewart and the Glenfinnan Ceilidh Band, viewers are sure to be entertained through the bells and into the new decade!

And it doesn’t stop there. On New Year’s Day, BBC ALBA star Anne Lundon gets behind the wheel and travels Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way in a new 4 part series. Following on from driving the North Coast 500 in Scotland, Anne finds out just what draws people to this stunning Irish West Coast route.

One of Glasgow’s best-known hostelries, the Park Bar, is also featured on New Year’s Day, with a programme charting the history of the popular pub which is a hub for many local visiting islanders and Highlanders.

The following day, on the 2nd, BBC ALBA gets to know the family behind the world famous Ardbhan fold of Highland cattle reared in North Uist. The film follows a year with the Macdonalds and their herd of award-winning cattle.

January also sees the return of a few BBC ALBA favourites with crofting tales from An Lot, Farpaisean Chon Chaorach / Sheepdog Trials and we go out and about with Ramsay in Mach à Seo!

And plenty of festive fun for children thanks to a great line-up of programmes

BBC ALBA has revealed a seasonal stocking filled with goodies for children over the festive period thanks to a fantastic line-up of programmes with a real focus on original content for younger viewers.

There’s a selection of seasonal treats for the little ones on Christmas Day including the channel’s own enchanting animated versions of Julia Donaldson’s An Fhaochag agus a’ Mhuc-mhara/The Snail and the Whale and the global hit the Moomins, in Gleann na Mùmain.

Two world-class European Broadcasting Union (EBU) films, a children’s drama and a short documentary, will also air on Christmas Day.

Both programmes, made by Sorbier Productions from Glasgow, received funding from the new Young Audience Content Fund (YACF), which is managed by the British Film Institute (BFI).

Rùn / Private Pet is a quirky comedy drama about listening and learning, in which a mischievous deaf boy’s world is transformed thanks to a four-legged friend who becomes the "ears" he never had and Balach aig a’ Mhullach /Boy at the Top is a breath-taking documentary with stunning scenery charting a boy’s attempt to climb the equivalent height of Everest – mountain by mountain in Scotland.

These programmes will also be available on the BBC iPlayer from 9am on Christmas morning, perfect for when all the presents have been unwrapped!

And from this year’s bumper Royal National Mòd, there is a chance for families to see their young ones performing with unseen footage from October’s winners.

And if the kids can stay up late enough on Hogmanay, everyone’s favourite riotous band Peat & Diesel will be helping bring in the bells alongside BBC ALBA stars Cathy MacDonald and Niall Iain MacDonald.

Bill MacLeod, Commissioning Editor for BBC ALBA said:

“BBC ALBA showcases some of the very best children’s programmes in the world. Presented by a brilliant cast of wacky, young presenters in our CBeebies and CBBC studios we can guarantee a feast of fun for the festive season – easily accessible on both the BBC ALBA channel and iPlayer.”

Find more information about the festive programmes here

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr bho BBC ALBA!

18 Dùbhlachd 2019

Dibhearsain, comadaidh, ceòl agus prògraman-aithriseach am pailteas air BBC ALBA!

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr bho BBC ALBA

Tha BBC ALBA a’ taisbeanadh pailteas de phrògraman thar àm na Nollaige agus na Bliadhna Ùire le clàr de shàr phrògraman bhon taigh agus bho air feadh an t-saoghail.

Tha Seòid a’ Chidsin air ais! Tha na Seòid a’ còcaireachd a h-uile rud a dh’iarradh tu ann an dìnnear na Nollaige ach le tionndadh sònraichte Gàidhealach air cuid de na cùrsaichean – gu h-àraid an Yule Log!

Tha Alleluia na Nollaige, air a lìbhrigeadh le Iain MacFhionghain, a' comharrachadh leughaidhean agus laoidhean na Nollaige. Cluinnear bho Alasdair Whyte, Mischa Nic a’ Phearsain agus bhon chòmhlan a chaidh a stèidheachadh gu sònraichte, Caireall.

Còisirean gu leòr ann an Eurovision Choir Gothenburg 2019, le sgeulachd chòisir Alba a bha a’ co-fharpais son a’ chiad uair ann an Gothenburg am-bliadhna.

Ann an Macleod MP/Maclean KGB tha Cathy NicDhòmhnaill a’ sealltainn dè threòraich an dithis gu slighean cho fad’ o chèile. Rugadh Dòmhnall MacIlleathain agus Iain MacLeòid san aon bhliadhna ann an 1913. Dithis le freumhaichean sna h-eileanan a chaidh gu oilthigh Chambridge, ach sin far a bheil na comasan cha mhòr a’ tighinn gu crìch.

Ann an Sgoil nan Sagart/Priest School, gheibhear sreath de thrì prògraman a’ leantainn Raghnall Caimbeul à Beinn nam Faoghla a tha anns a’ bhliadhna mu dheireadh de chuid oideachaidh airson na sagartachd ann am baile eachdraidheil na Ròimhe. Aig deireadh na bliadhna-sa, cuiridh Raghnall a chùl ris a’ Ròimh, thèid e dhachaigh dha na h-Eileanan agus thig e a-mach mar shagart.

Às dèidh pòsadh ann an Uibhist a Deas aig deireadh 2018, chaidh Gemma Steele, a choisinn duaisean airson a h-obair dhaonnachd, agus an duin’ aice Sean MacFhionghain, air turas shònraichte aig toiseach 2019 airson beannachadh pòsaidh le a teaghlach eile ann an Kenya.

Tha 2019 a’ comharrachadh 130 bliadhna bho chaidh am Moulin Rouge a stèidheachadh. Bidh Cathy NicDhòmhnaill a’ leantainn triùir nighean Albannach a tha mar phàirt de dh’eachdraidh iomraiteach an taisbeanaidh chliùitich seo. Itean, grìogagan agus maise-gnùis – tha a h-uile rud san taisbeanadh seo, agus bidh Cathy na theis-mheadhan!

Ann an Curaidh na Coille/Birdman of Pollok, gheibhear sealladh air beatha Chailein Mhicleòid a thog fianais an aghaidh leudachadh an M77 tro cheann a deas baile Ghlaschu tràth sna 90an.

Ann an 1949, chaidh Millicent agus Sydney Richardson à Hertfordshire an Sasainn gu ruige Tolstadh bho Thuath, Leòdhas, airson saor-làithean an t-samhraidh a chur seachad còmhla rin sean-phàrantan. Cha robh iad ach òg is dh’fhalbh iad gun chead. Cha do cheannaich iad tiocaidean-siubhail sam bith, is ged nach robh aon inbheach còmhla riutha, cha deach an glacadh. Seachdad bliadhna às dèidh làimh, seo an sgeulachd iongantach nam faclan fhèin - Sgeulachd Syd Agus Millie/Two Go to Tolsta.

Tha FUNC air ais airson Oidhche Challainn le prògram ùr loma làn sgeidsichean luath is èibhinn. Bidh aoighean aithnichte a’ nochdadh is rudan air leth neònach a’ tachairt - dìreach mar a shaoileadh sibh bhon phrògram a ghlèidh duais RTS nas tràithe air a’ bhliadhna!

Agus bidh Cèilidh na Bliadhn’ Ùire a’ tighinn beò à Talla Thobar na Màthar ann an Siorrachd Lannraig, còmhla ri Cathy NicDhòmhnaill agus Niall Iain Dòmhnallach. Le Peat & Diesel, Mànran, Còisir Alba, Mairead Stiùbhart agus an Glenfinnan Cèilidh Band, lìonaidh sinn drama agus cuiridh sinn fàilte air deichead eile!

Agus chan eil cùisean a’ stad an sin! Air Là na Bliadhn’ Ùire, bidh rionnag BBC ALBA air cùl na cuibhle airson sreath ùr de cheithir phrògraman. Às dèidh Costa a Tuath 500 a dhèanamh, tha an craoladair Anne Lundon air ais air turas-rathaid shònraichte eile. Tha slighe Costa an Iar na h-Èireann an-diugh a’ tàladh dhaoine bho air feadh an t-saoghail agus gheibh Anne a-mach carson.

Cuideachd air Là na Bliadhn’ Ùire, gheibhear sgeulachd am Park Bar far am bi sinn a’ feuchainn ri faighinn a-mach carson a tha an taigh-òsta ainmeil seo a’ maireachdainn mar phrìomh àite cruinneachaidh nan Gàidheal ann an Glaschu.

Air 2 Faoilleach, bha BBC ALBA a’ cur eòlas air an teaghlach air cùlaibh Crodh Gàidhealach Àird Bhàin air eilean faisg air Uibhist a Tuath anns na h-Eileanan Siar. Tha am film seo a’ siubhal an cois Ena, a mac Aonghas agus a theaghlach thairis air bliadhna.

Bidh seann eòlaich a’ tilleadh thugainn san Fhaoilleach le An Lot, Farpaisean Chon Chaorach / Sheepdog Trials agus bidh sinn a-muigh an cois Ramsay ann an Mach à Seo!

Agus abair prògraman chloinne air BBC ALBA aig àm na Nollaige!

Tha BBC ALBA a’ taisbeanadh pailteas de phrògraman spòrsail chloinne thar àm na Nollaige le clàr a tha a’ taomadh le stuthan ùra airson an fheadhainn òga.

Air Là na Nollaige tha seudan sònraichte rim faicinn, nam measg tionndaidhean seunta de dh’obair Julia Donaldson - An Fhaochag agus a’ Mhuc-mhara agus Gleann na Mùmain.

Cuideachd chithear dà film bhon EBU, dràma chloinne agus prògram-aithris ghoirid air an dèanamh le Sorbier Productions à Glaschu, le maoineachadh bhon YACF, a tha air a ruith leis am BFI.

’S e dràma-comadaidh neo-àbhaisteach a th’ ann an Rùn, mu bhith ag èisteachd agus ag ionnsachadh. Chithear mar a tha saoghal balach òg, bodhar, a’ sìor atharrachadh ri linn caraid ceithir-chasach a tha toirt dha a’ chlaisneachd nach robh a-riamh aige.

Ann am Balach aig a’ Mhullach cuideachd bho Sorbier Productions gheibhear sealladh air leth air oidhirp balach sreap beanntan co-ionnan ri àrd Everest – beann as dèidh beann ann an Alba.

Bidh na prògraman seo cuideachd rim faighinn air iPlayer a’ BhBC bho 9m madainn na Nollaige, dìreach an dèidh na tiodhlacan fhosgladh!

Agus bhon Mhòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail tha cothrom ann airson teaghlaichean an cuid cloinne fhaicinn le cuid de stuth ùr bho bhuanaichean tachartas na Dàmhair.

Agus ma dh’fhuiricheas an fheadhainn bheaga an àrd anmoch gu leòr air oidhche Challainn, bidh na balaich fhèin, Peat & Diesel, a’ toirt a-steach na Bliadhna Ùire cuide ri rionnagan BBC ALBA Cathy NicDhòmhnaill agus Niall Iain Dòmhnallach.

Thuirt Bill MacLeòid, Deasaiche Coimseanaidh BBC ALBA:

“Tha BBC ALBA a’ taisbeanadh cuid de na prògraman chloinne as fheàrr san t-saoghal. Le preseantairean òga, èasgaidh ann an stiùidiothan CBeebies agus CBBC thathas a’ gealladh fealla-dha thar làithean na Nollaige agus fad na làithean saora – an dà chuid air BBC ALBA agus air an iPlayer.”

Gheibhear tuilleadh fios mu na prògraman an seo

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr bho BBC ALBA!

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