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Caileagan a' Chogaidh Mhòir/A Great Adventure

BBC ALBA – Sunday 9 November at 9.00pm

Caileagan a' Chogaidh Mhòir

BBC ALBA - Didòmhnaich 9 Samhain aig 9.00f


Alan in Cemetary

A remarkable insight into the contribution and efforts of Scottish women during World War One is the latest BBC ALBA programme profiling stories from the Great War.

One hundred years after the war started, Caileagan a' Chogaidh Mhòir/A Great Adventure, reveals the story of the ladies of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals who travelled 2,000 miles to Serbia in Eastern Europe to deliver medical assistance.

A co-production for BBC ALBA and STV by independent producer mactv, BBC ALBA will transmit A Great Adventure on Remembrance Sunday at 9.00pm. The programme is narrated in Gaelic by TV presenter and musician, Mary Ann Kennedy and English subtitles are available. An English language version – The Women Who Went to War – A Great Adventure - will be transmitted on STV on Tuesday, November 11 at 8.00pm and is narrated by Kirsty Wark.

The documentary tells the tale of a group of ordinary Scottish women who undertook an extraordinary journey to help an ally in ‘dire need’.

The Scottish Women’s Hospitals was the idea of Dr Elsie Inglis, one of Scotland’s first female surgeons and a prominent suffragette. The story of Elsie and her colleague’s contribution throughout the war is picked up by Alan Cumming, a football fan from Cumbernauld who discovered a memorial to the women whilst on a football trip to Belgrade in Serbia. Every year there is a poignant memorial service in Kraqujevac to remember these brave Scottish women. Meanwhile, back home, their story remained largely unknown. Alan took it upon himself to get better recognition in Scotland of the sacrifice these women made as many of them never came back and died far from their homeland.

Caileagan collage

This is a story of ordinary women from Scotland who made such a powerful impact with their bravery and courage that a nation thousands of miles away remembers them to this very day. This documentary gives a Scottish audience the chance to hear their remarkable stories.

Margaret Mary Murray, Head of Service at BBC ALBA, said: “A Great Adventure is the latest in a series of BBC ALBA programmes focusing on truly fascinating stories from World War One that deserve to be shared with current generations.

“The common theme in many of these programmes is extraordinary acts of bravery and selflessness. A Great Adventure is no different, with Scottish women risking their own lives to travel to foreign lands to help an ally when their offer of assistance was not accepted in Britain. It is a captivating story and one that we are sure viewers will appreciate as we take time on Remembrance Sunday to consider the sacrifices made by so many.”

Narrator Mary Ann Kennedy said: “The courage demonstrated by the women to travel a great distance to a foreign land to help the wounded and dying is truly remarkable and I hope the programme will allow viewers – as I have found myself - to gain an insight into why these women are revered abroad despite their story being relatively unknown in Scotland.”

Produced by mactv, Caileagan a' Chogaidh Mhòir/A Great Adventure will be shown on BBC ALBA on Sunday 9 November at 9.00pm.

Alan in Cemetary

Bho chionn ceud bliadhna, an uair a thòisich a' Chiad Chogadh, bha buidheann de mhnathan Albannach ag ullachadh airson turas iongantach.

B' iad mnathan nan ospadalan Albannach, luchd-meidigeach boireann tùsaireach a bha ag amas air taic a thoirt leis an t-suidheachadh èiginneach a bha sior sgaoileadh tarsaing na Roinn Eòrpa. Dh’amas iad air duthaich dà mhìle mìle air falbh, Serbia, air taobh sear na Roinn Eòrpa.

Thòisich e mar dhàn-thuras sònraichte. Ach, b' ann gu math eagalach a bhiodh deireadh na sgeòil.

Caileagan collage

'S e an Dotair Elsie Inglis - aon den chiad lannsairean ann an Alba agus a bha na suffragette ainmeil - a smaoinich air a' bhuidheann a thòiseachadh. Se seo an sgeulachd aig Elsie, agus sgeulachd nam mnathan sònraichte seo uile - Caileagan a' Chogaidh Mhòir. Sgeulachd a chaidh a-mach a sealladh thar ùine, ach thug ospadalan nam mnathan Albannaich buaidh mhòr air beatha bhoireannaich an dèidh a’ chogaidh, buaidh nas motha na bhiodh daoine idir air smaoineachadh aig an t-am.

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