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Clann a’ Chogaidh Mhòir / Small Hands In a Big War

BBC ALBA – Thursday 25 September at 8.30pm

Clann a’ Chogaidh Mhòir

BBC ALBA - Diardaoin 25 Sultain aig 8.30f


Small Hands In a Big War - children

BBC ALBA is to use diaries and letters from the children of Europe to tell the poignant story of the Great War from their perspective for a new eight part factual drama series to be shown on the channel.

Clann a’ Chogaidh Mhòir (Small Hands In a Big War) recounts the unfolding story of a global catastrophe using the first-hand accounts of young people in a programme that is enriched by archive footage and stills from the period.

Narrated by Angus Peter Campbell, each episode uses original journals and letters to recount challenging and dangerous situations navigated by a young lead character set against a background of international events.

The stories are told through the languages of Europe, with the drama dialogue utilising a different language in each episode, including one programme focused on Gaelic.

The Pain (drama) nurses

That episode is devoted to a Scottish protagonist, Alison Brook. We see her experience the impact the War has on her own community and the Zeppelin attack on Edinburgh in 1916. Alison Brook is played by Eilidh Morag MacPhee from Inverness and she is joined in the cast by Seumas Scullion, Seòras Cuthbert and Órla NicChoinnich Ní Eadhra.

Margaret Cameron of BBC ALBA said: “This is a fantastic living history series that brings the complexities and devastation of war to life for our audience in a multi-lingual format underscoring the global nature of the conflict. The audience will hear French, German, Italian, Russian and Gaelic as via the dramatic elements we stand in the shoes of the young characters and we empathise with them all the more for that.

“We hope families will watch the series together and discuss the impact of the stories, brought to life so convincingly by all the young actors. I’m especially proud of our own home grown Gaelic talent in the shape of Eilidh, Seumas, Seòras and Órla.”

The series, produced by LOOKS Film & TV in Germany, was financed by a number of European broadcasters and financiers including NTR in Holland, Arte in Germany & France, S4C in Wales, UR in Sweden and MG ALBA in Scotland.

Clann a’ Chogaidh Mhòir (Small Hands in a Big War) was produced by LOOKS Film & TV and the Gaelic version produced by Solus Productions.

Small Hands In a Big War - children

Clann a’ Chogaidh Mhòir – A’ chiad sreath do phrògraman chloinne mun Chiad Chogadh. Cluinnear agus chithear sgeulachdan agus ìomhaighean a’ chogaidh tro shùilean na cloinne a bha beò aig an àm. Stèidhichte air leabhraichean-latha agus litrichean na cloinne, thathas a’ faighinn dealbh air a’ chruadal agus a’ chàs a’ dh’fhuiling na daoine air feadh na Roinn Eòrpa. Tha seo uileag air a chur am feòthas leis a’ ghuth bhlàth, làidir aig Aonghas Phadruig Chaimbeul.

The Pain (drama) nurses

Faodaidh clann an latha an-duigh iad fhèin a bhogachadh ann an suidheachadh ‘Clann a’ Chogaidh Mhòir’, a’ gàireachdainn, a’ caoineadh còmhla agus a’ faighinn fios-faireachdainn air an t-saoghal aca.

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